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Psychic Garden Creatives Residency

An Incubator for creative intelligence

What is Psychic Garden

We are a collective of artists, thought leaders, and creative entrepreneurs who share a vision of grounding heaven on earth.

Co-creating an ecosystem where art, innovation, spirituality and business exist in harmony. With nature as our muse, we take on the responsibility to plant seeds for a future that cultivates healthy lifestyles and stronger communities.


Together, we walk in reverence to the earth and in service to humanity by tapping into our creative intelligence.

Experience the Magic of the Sacred Valley

Image by Hans Luiggi

The Residency

Are you a creative who’s overstimulated by all the outside noise and yearning for some time to remember your roots and re-ground into your creative expression.


Being in a space where you can rest your mind, heal your heart, and create what your soul wants to experience.

Immerse yourself in the magic of the Andes. As you open your eyes and prepare to rise for a new day, grab your mat and join us for morning yoga on our rooftop shala. Your efforts will then be rewarded by a delicious and nutritious Acai bowl from our house kitchen, which you can enjoy on our writer’s terrace. When you’re ready to dive into your work flow for the day, grab a latte and get grounded with the views of the Apus in our Japanese style co-working lounge.

Now, it’s time to give your brain a break! Treat yourself to a buddha bowl in the zen garden for lunch, relax in our daybed under the sun and be nourished by the inspiring energy of the community around you. Before tapping back into your creative flow state, drop in on our midday meditation to reconnect with your intention for the day.

Once you’ve accomplished all that you’ve set yourself out to create, check out our community events calendar to see which experience you wish to explore!

As the sun sets over the Andes, lay down for a soul satisfying sound bath in our glass shala. At the end of your day, regulate your nervous system in our herbal jacuzzi under the Milky Way, while enjoying a fresh coconut straight from the Peruvian Amazon.

It’s wild to believe that all of this happens at the Psychic Garden!

We are constantly co-creating sacred gatherings by and for our community. Have an idea for an event? Let’s collaborate!

Trip Types

Full Lineup TBA

Serpent Path

Serpent Path: rest your mind. 

Two Week


Puma Path

Heal Your Heart

1 Month


Condor Path

Create Your Art

3 Month


Workshops, Ceremonies, and Master Classes

DJ/ Music Production
Ableton Live Deep Dive

DJing in Ableton and Rekordbox

Creative Writing Process
Nature Field Recordings

Recording Sessions
Ecstatic Dance

Master Classes on Creative Writing Process, Mixing, and Mastering

Access to our Psychic Garden Studio

Access to World Class Recording Studio

Music Workshops
Live Looping
Jam Sessions

Voice Activation

Medicine Music
Sound Healing 

Therapies and Medicine Ceremonies (Optional)



Sound Healing




Private, Shared, or Camping Accommodations

2 x Meals per day

Co-working & co-creation zone with Wifi

Yoga, Meditation, Movement classes, Sound Healing, Temazcal

Access to all Music Workshops

24 hr access to music studio

24 hr access to training spaces

Live with guest teachers, coaches, energy healers and business speakers from all over the world

Excursions around Sacred Valley

Full Moon Festival


Villa Mágica

  • A lodging with a capacity of 32 people in rooms.

  • A camping area with capacity for up to 20 tents.

  • A wonderful restaurant that serves daily menus, buffets, à la carte dishes and special orders.

  • A SPA with a catalog of therapies and workshops such as reiki, massages, reflexology and more so that your stay is wonderful and relaxed.

  • A maloca (sacred house) that offers two rooms; each with capacity from 40 to 110 people.

  • Yoga and meditation mats

  • On site laundry

  • Campfire

  • Temazcal

  • A natural garden and a greenhouse, the same ones that provide the vegetables for the restaurant.

  • An orchard with more than 30 different medicinal plants.

  • Various meditation spaces such as gardens and relaxation areas.

  • A magical park for hosting events.

  • A school where children and adolescents are recieved from the Lamay community for a free way to help and motivate them with their school and human development


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