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Psychic Garden + Musician Residency


The Psychic Garden Musician Residency is a marriage between medicine music and electronic sound production.

Offering a full schedule designed to build you an artist press kit to make festivals drool. Through an intensive focus on process, production, FINISHING, and publishing we aim to bring you to your potential and beyond. 

Join us in the Sacred Valley of Peru to collaborate and sample masters in medicine music from all over the Amazon with a hand-picked team of world-class electronic producers from around the world.

This is not for hippies who wanna just jam, this is for the artists who is ready to focus, deepen their connection to nature, and thrive.

Inside the healing center, we created several studios to create in around the property so that you can maintain a perfect balance of collaboration with other artists and private production/songwriting space. 

You'll be in the studio firsthand with expert medicine musicians to sample and co-create art. You will also opportunities to sit in different ceremonies with incredibly experienced local cuanderos to receive Icaros and sacred songs. 

We encourage that each participant sets a goal and it is our goal to hold you to it not as pretentious coaches, as family. We invite the possibility of leaving this residency with your own EP and know from our prior retreats that it is possible! We'll be there every step of the way helping to overcome roadblocks in songwriting, process, workflow, mixing, mastering, and distribution for labels and festivals. 

Come explore the vesica pisces of sound healing and electronic music and bring forth your groundbreaking art to this planet.


We are looking for musicians who already have experience in music but are looking for a team of like-minded, experimental, and devoted artists that are ready to be held in a container of creative alchemy to stay accountable to FINISHING projects that will change the world.

Image by Hans Luiggi

The Residency

Dive into the cosmovision of sound guided by masterclasses with shamans and world-class producers who have dedicated their lives to the music. At the end of the residency; you will have the opportunity to perform at our Psychic Garden premier festival held in the Sacred Valley! We believe in interdisciplinary art and will be collaborating with visual artists and videographers so that you can leave the residency with an artist portfolio that will blow away festival and label curators.

Through masterclasses with cutting-edge genius's in the NFT and Music Business space we will lay the groundwork to create art that will put you ahead of the global curve. In this residency, we encourage process, which means holding each other to our creative goals and bringing you into the Psychic Garden family of resident creatives who's sowing the seeds of the renaissance all over the planet.

The studio is located in the womb of the Sacred Valley, surrounded by waterfalls and ancient ruins; while there we'll be working directly with local shamans and musicians.


We don’t believe in ripping off other people's culture and that is why we are using the residency to provide scholarships to groundbreaking artists throughout Latin America whilst funding professional medicine musicians to session record. Your tuition will be supporting these visionary creatives in their work as well as co-creating a custom Andean/Amazonian Shamanic sample pack that you will have the creative rights to use for your future projects. 


With the onset of world music in the electronic music space we believe in exploring connection, that in order to make music we need to build empathy with one another, that finding a dope loop on splice of some exotic artist you'll never see doesn't carry the same magic as spending a songwriting session by the river and building out custom loops in the studio on campus. We are focused on building the most beautiful bridge possible in this incredible genesis of electronic world music, and to us, that means connection. It means friendship, collaboration eye to eye in a residency designed to make art that moves us. 

During the residency, you will have the opportunity to participate in Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies with Shaman's who have been working with the medicine for decades and will have the privilege to work directly with the spirit of nature and bring her into your creative process.

This residency is strictly for artists dedicated to carving out a career in the music industry. So if you are looking to just learn a few things in music and are just getting started we invite you to check out one of our friends residencies at Solar/Shakti Sound. 

If you are a devoted musician who is looking for an authentic opportunity to work directly with seasoned medicine musicians in the studio and a hand selected group of artists from all over the world then we would love to receive your application. 

Scholarships are available for select musicians and we offer many pricing tiers to be as accessible as possible. 

With love and solidarity, we look forward to hearing from you, 

~Psychic Garden

Workshops, Ceremonies, and Master Classes

DJ/ Music Production
Ableton Live Deep Dive

DJing in Ableton and Rekordbox

Creative Writing Process
Nature Field Recordings

Recording Sessions
Ecstatic Dance

Master Classes on Creative Writing Process, Mixing, and Mastering

Access to our Psychic Garden Studio

Access to World Class Recording Studio

Music Workshops
Live Looping
Jam Sessions

Voice Activation

Medicine Music
Sound Healing 

Therapies and Medicine Ceremonies (Optional)



Sound Healing




Private, Shared, or Camping Accommodations

2 x Meals per day

Co-working & co-creation zone with Wifi

Yoga, Meditation, Movement classes, Sound Healing, Temazcal

Access to all Music Workshops

24 hr access to music studio

24 hr access to training spaces

Live with guest teachers, coaches, energy healers and business speakers from all over the world

Excursions around Sacred Valley

Full Moon Festival


Villa Mágica

  • A lodging with a capacity of 32 people in rooms.

  • A camping area with capacity for up to 20 tents.

  • A wonderful restaurant that serves daily menus, buffets, à la carte dishes and special orders.

  • A SPA with a catalog of therapies and workshops such as reiki, massages, reflexology and more so that your stay is wonderful and relaxed.

  • A maloca (sacred house) that offers two rooms; each with capacity from 40 to 110 people.

  • Yoga and meditation mats

  • On site laundry

  • Campfire

  • Temazcal

  • A natural garden and a greenhouse, the same ones that provide the vegetables for the restaurant.

  • An orchard with more than 30 different medicinal plants.

  • Various meditation spaces such as gardens and relaxation areas.

  • A magical park for hosting events.

  • A school where children and adolescents are recieved from the Lamay community for a free way to help and motivate them with their school and human development


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