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[Music] Joomanji (2013)

A mysteriously unique album; jazzy mixes of crisp horns, smooth soul vocals, rap and groovy vinyl samples, grounded by a tight rhythm section.

In January 2013 the album 'Manji' was released by San Diego (USA) based jazz collective, Joomanji. Despite this project being their only and latest album to date, it remains one of the finest examples of a contemporary Jazz album to emerge from the 2010's, blending elements of soul and hip hop into a spiritual musical journey that leaves an enduring impression on the listener and raises the question of why they have not released anything since.

In a way this is part of the allure and magic of Joomanji. There's something special about an iconic one off album, crystalising the sound of that evolving genre into a moment in time that inspires you to the depths of your imagination and spirit, earthly and calming, leaving you wanting more, yet ultimately content with what you have.

The album is an anomaly; sounding as if it could have been released yesterday, yet quite literally years ahead of it's time in the execution of a style of contemporary neo-jazz with spiritual and nature related themes, as suggested in their album cover and name, a true favourite of Psychic Garden.

Check out a selection of our favourite tracks from the album below ~

~ Psychic Garden


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