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[Podcast] Dox Diggla (Inspiration, Meditation & Alchemy)

Welcome to the second episode of our podcast series hosted by resident creative Brady Williams. Over multiple episodic instalments, Williams will be engaging in vital conversations with talented artists, entrepreneurs, musicians, scientists and spiritual teachers from across the globe.

Dox Diggla is a rapper and founder of Brick Citi Buddha, a meditation education platform bringing peace and sovereignty to the hearts of thousands in the USA. He has performed on Sway in the morning and is a respected name in the realms of conscious hip-hop and it's listeners.

In this podcast we explore alchemy and the layers behind inspiration. He challenges us to transcend ideas of right and wrong and to tune into what resonates with us and move from there. Dox invites us into the art of vulnerability and how to allow the universe to play.

~ Listen to the episode of the podcast below (47 minutes) ~

Connect with Dox Diggla on Instagram: @brick_citi_buddha



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