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[Podcast] A'jon

Welcome to the fourth episode of our podcast series hosted by American resident creative Brady Williams. Over multiple episodic instalments, he will be engaging in vital conversations with talented artists, entrepreneurs, musicians, scientists and spiritual teachers from across the globe.

A’jon is a captivating Nawlins singer, songwriter and poet who has performed with legends like Kendrick Lamar and Bobby Mcferrin.

She is also the founder of #WeAintUnderground which is a movement to push the perspective on reimagining the whole underground music scene and empowering black voices in art and activism. In this podcast she shares her secrets of success when it comes to emerging as an artist, she shares skills in discipline, commitment and how to transform insecurities into inspiration.

A’Jon is a passionate, soulful, funky, authentic female artist who expresses her music through the sounds of Lo-fi hip hop, Acoustics, Neo Soul, and R&B. Her lyrics embrace the essence of how life is lived through her world view while making the listeners relate to her universal messages of love, family, and personal emotions we all go through. As an alumni of Duke Ellington School of the Arts, A'jon has embarked on a promising solo career as a musician and her work is truly something special, her musical output is undoubtably unique and reigns supreme to the majority of new music being released today. We think A'jon's music career will only continue to thrive as her infectious creative influence grows and impacts everyone who hears her.

~ Check out Episode Four of the Psychic Garden Podcast below! (28 mins) ~

Her 7-track album Nictoteen reflects her talent and imagination

Connect with A’jon on Instagram: @east.aj


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