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Akriza and Psychic Garden Presents

Audio Alchemy

Peru Edition

November 26 - December 3

It starts with a feeling.

A beat. A melody.


A song gifted to you by the universe


You have the drive and desire. The cosmic calling to create…


Yet, you get discouraged.

Maybe you don’t know where to start or how to finish. Maybe you feel overwhelmed with trying to figure out where to invest your time and energy. Maybe you don’t know how to make the song sound like your original vision. Maybe you worry it will never be good enough to truly make the ripple you KNOW it can.


Audio Alchemy

Peru Edition

November 26 - December 3

Learn how to combine instruments from around the world with electronic music production.

Image by Hans Luiggi

The Offering

This offering will be held in person in Peru at the Psychic Garden.

  • You will have access to all recordings for at least 1 year.

  • In this one week immersion we will walk you through creating a song from start to finish with a focus on marrying world instruments to electronic song structure and beats.

  • You will walk away with a deep understanding of the creative music production process that Akriza has developed over decades of producing music. Modules include: environment, vision, creation, completion, and distribution.

  • We will have group teachings / workshops.

  • We will have “office hours” where you will have time to work on your music and I will be available to answer any of your questions.

  • You will have access to a private messaging group that will continue to grow into a larger community of musicians and producers sharing and growing together.

  • You will receive first access to any of Akriza's offerings and to our in person retreats in the future.

Image by James Owen


To fully participate it is mandatory that you have:

  • Working Computer

  • Ableton Installed / Ableton License

  • Headphones or Studio Monitors

  • Preferably you have a splice subscription or access to high quality samples


Make sure you have all of these before the course dates. If you need assistance we can try and help you get a discounted Ableton License but we cannot make any guarantees.

This is for you if

  • You want to start writing your own music but don't know where to begin.

  • You are a DJ and want to learn how to write songs that you can play out.

  • You specifically like Akriza's music and want to create a similar frequency.

  • You've already written some songs but want to learn how to dial in your process.

  • You're tired of getting stuck in your creative process and want to move passed your blocks.

  • You want to come to Peru, you are close to Peru, or you are currently in Peru and would like to join us in person.

About Us...

About Akriza

Northern Nights_2725.jpg

Akriza has been producing music, both classical and electronic, for over two decades. He is a classically trained pianist and has a degree in audio engineering.

Akriza formally started his music project in 2020 and had his first release as Akriza on High Vibe Records Nov. 11th, 2020. Since then, he has had over 2 million streams, has over 100 finished songs in his catalog, and has a release on Gravitas Records. He has played at Burning Man, many festivals, and shows since then and is always working to better and advance his music career.

Through all of this, he has envisioned and perfected a process for writing music efficiently, effectively, and prolifically. Through this process, he has acquired a sense of vulnerability and authenticity that he believes can help others to pursue their dreams no matter the circumstance.

This Immersion is his passion project--to share his wisdom and learnings from a lifetime steeped in music. He's mostly self-taught, and knows it can be a long and challenging road for most people trying to figure out where to start and how to get going. Once you find your vision and your sound and have a tried-and-true process, your musical vision becomes a lot easier to produce.

Akriza is a dedicated musician who strives to be an inspiration for others in their creative endeavors.

Northern Nights_4325.jpg

The Psychic Garden Centre

We are a collective of artists, thought leaders, & creative entrepreneurs sharing a vision of grounding heaven on earth.










The Psychic Garden Centre is an incubator for creative intelligence nestled in the Sacred Valley of the Andes. We have built an an ecosystem where art, innovation, spirituality and business exist in harmony. Located just a minute walk to the sacred river which winds beneath ancient ruins of Intihuatana. You are a 10 minute walk from the historic vibrant town of Pisac steaming with artisans and flavors of the Peru. 

The space is a community centre which collaborates with local creatives and aims to amplify the voices of the ancestral wisdom of its surroundings. We have decorated with the weavings of the Quechua people which represent the cosmovision of their mythos. We believe that we are a part of an Ancient Future and create monthly festivals to create music and celebration with our global community. After the retreat you will have the opportunity to potentially create at the festival and share your music. 

At the Psychic Garden we believe that nature is our muse, we take on the responsibility to plant seeds for a future that cultivates healthy lifestyles and stronger communities.

Together, we walk in reverence to the earth and in service to humanity by tapping into our creative intelligence.

---let us learn from the lessons of the past and embrace the dreams of our future.

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When you avoid taking action on your dream, you will look back years later wishing you had started when when you had the fire and inspiration to bring your dream to fruition. Who do you want to be, the person taking action now or the person looking back wishing they were 5 years ahead of the game?

If you want to bring your dreams to fruition it is imperative that you devote fully to your artistry, develop a process, and commit to practicing on a regular basis. You will get stuck and you will want to quit, but this immersion will give you the tools to persevere and succeed so you can look back at yourself in 5 years and be like, "damn, I did it".

We will guide you through the hardest part of the process, creating and releasing your first song. Once you do this, everything else becomes so much easier.

There's a term in coding called "Hello, World" which is a metaphor for getting your minimum viable product launched. When you do this, the rest of the process becomes more straightforward. This immersion will be your Hello, World: it's the first step in unleashing your inner creativity and paving the way for success with your music goals. It's the foundation from which you can build, grow, and create music that is uniquely yours. You will have done the hardest part of the process and will now have the tools to replicate it time and time again.


  • Do I need to be in Peru to Join?

    • Yes. ​

  • When will the calls be held?​

    • Calls will be held Sunday - Friday between10am to 2pm Central​. You are encouraged to join live, and can watch the recordings afterwards.

  • What skill level is this for?​

    • This is for absolute beginners to intermediate producers.

  • What will be covered?

    • We will be going over the creative process from start to finish and will be guiding you through creating a song.​

*Your success in finishing a song depends on your effort, attention, attendance, and devotion to this container and your music project. We will have a couple of mastering engineers for you to work with that you will pay directly for their mastering services. We are not responsible or liable for your success or the success of your end product.​

Don't wait to get started any longer,
the time is now...

Get in Touch

Psychic Garden HQ

Calle por los Caballos 

Rinconada, Pisac 

Peru CU112

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