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[Art] Alfredo Conrique (HeyPogo)

We are proud to present an interview with our new resident creative. The multi-media artist, Alfredo Conrique (HeyPogo).

Alfredo is a truly fantastic artist who has worked with Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and even the great Alejandro Jodorowsky. We're in love with this Psychic Garden inspired poster he created.

The hypnotic, multicoloured, and transmutative third-eye design of this esoteric poster feels like a vibrant stylistic hybrid between Jodorowsky's The Holy Mountain and Nintendo's Legend of Zelda. We were so impressed by this striking poster art that we immediately checked out all of Alfredo's work and soon recognised how much of a seriously talented, diverse and respectable artisan this man was. Please enjoy our interview!


Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Alfedo Conrique (A.K.A. Pogo), I'm a multidisciplinary artist from Mexico City. I normally move between Illustration, muralism, animation, clothing design, and Gig Poster Design. Right now I'm testing myself in other mediums like creating an original comic book, Ceramics, Tattooing and I even want to direct my own movie at some stage. I would love to have my work shown in more countries around the world, I'd love to make an entire animated film and I also want to design and create toys, I've wanted to that since I was in high school.

How long have you been creating your art? What inspires you?

I've been creating since I was a kid. The very first memories I have of me drawing for instance was when I was probably 5 years old, I would record cartoons into a VHS tape and pause it to get the frame I wanted to copy and then put a piece of paper to the screen and copy the drawings. I haven't stopped drawing since. that's what has always been there with me, then after I saw a TV special about how Bambi was animated I wanted to become an animator and at age 18 I got into a super basic traditional animation course. I would say that there's lots of things that inspire me but if I had to name a few things that have consistently inspired me, I would say Anime/Japanese Culture, Nature, Space, Folklore, Psychedelia and the world of dreams.

Can you tell me about some of your recent projects?

I've been painting more murals recently which is both very fun to do and very challenging, specially when I have to paint in adverse conditions or in foreign countries. Most of the times you end up improvising which is super refreshing for someone like me who loves to plan ahead and have everything pinned down before I start working on a project. Also I've been working a lot with Unknown Mortal Orchestra for some years now, creating tour posters and all kinds of merchandise for the band. I've also made a couple of Tame Impala Gig posters which were super fun to do and on the other hand I've been working with a couple of organisations for the conservation of animals, the ocean, freedom of speech, which fills my heart with purpose.

What's been your favourite project of your journey thus far?

My most recent mural painted in Tokyo in collaboration with Green Peace Japan and the amazing people at Vanart and Gridge is definitely one of my favourites so far. I got to paint in Toyko which was a dream for me since I was probably 15 and I also got to create something that opens up the conversation on plastic waste in Japan which is a pressing matter there. It was exciting to find a way you create art in the name of something bigger and get invited to share your views in a panel with all the amazing people of Green Peace, it was all very surreal and awesome.

Can you discuss your work with Pangeaseed?

Pangeaseed is a foundation dedicated to create art that opens up the conversation on Ocean conservation, Species Endangerment, Global Warming among other issues, but also aims to educate and empower communities and individuals to foment real change. I've been working with Pangeaseed for some years now creating murals, activations, Art Festivals and even the artwork in their new website. You can check below.

Any advise you can share with the young creatives of the world?

The one honest and truthful advice I can give you that I know for good works is be stubborn, try again and again and again, and while you're at it try hard every day to be a better version of the artist you were a day before, also it never hurts to be nice to people. Spread the love and work hard!

Check out this animation created for an upcoming film about Alejandro Jodorowsky - Made as a collaboration between HeyPogo and Copete Cohete, a multidisciplinary design and animation studio in Mexico City.

You can connect and follow Alfredo on instagram @HeyPogo!!

~ Psychic Garden


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