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[Art/Spirituality] An interview with: Arina Kokoreva

Introducing the mind blowing esoteric illustrated artwork of contemporary Russian visual artist & resident creative Arina Kokoreva.

Representing everything that we aim to celebrate and shed light on at Psychic Garden; the art of Arina Kokoreva is evidence there is a growing network of young artists across the world who believe in a shared future of a new age, manifested in action through creativity and a connection to spirituality.

Citing the Hermetic & Occult movements as her main source of inspiration, the Moscow based artist conveys universal and neo-surrealist themes through her illustration. We are proud to present this Psychic Garden inspired artwork created by the talented artist in response to our first month launch, symbolising a unified artist collective based in Russia, UK & the USA, connected through a shared vision of a reality that celebrates mystery and the divine sources of inspiration.

She recently collaborated with the David Lynch Foundation, creating a animated short film based on the excerpt of interview with Amy Shiels from Twin Peaks hosted by Josh Hasty at the David Lynch Foundation L.A, to promote weekly free call-in meditations. Anyone can join these meditations by following the links in signing up at

We have curated this selection of our favourite statements and artworks by Kokoreva, who muses on the grand themes of life, yet wishes for her art to truly speak for her in conveying this feeling of awakening, like any true artist.

Sometimes you discover/draw something and you have no idea where it came from but as you go and dig into topics you’re interested in, you see such coincidences...
Have you ever thought about telepathy/information field/spiritualism or where are all these ideas are coming from? Have you ever noticed any weird coincidences in human history of inventions, arts movements and scientific discoveries?
What if we all are like pure energy transmitters tuned to different waves piercing time and space like soft butter? Asking these questions leading to lifetime research on what is culture, what is reality and what is mind perceiving.
I often think about memory as the only thing that connects us with past. Both are living in our minds and constantly transforming depending on who we are now..

We will be presenting more collaborations with the profoundly talented artist in the near future, exploring the themes of mystery and self knowledge so beautifully expressed in her artwork, a doorway into the imagination, unlocking the potential for altered states of consciousness experienced in art.

Check out this gallery of more mind blowing artwork from Arina Kokoreva ~

~ We are so excited to announce Arina Kokoreva as a resident creative of Psychic Garden, and we hope you love her art as much as we do ! ~

As described in her own words in the short animation below,

"Good vibes only.....stay tuned & stay aware"...

Discover her entire collection of work & support her talent at:



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