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[Fashion/Sustainability] An interview with: Anzela Abbasi

We gain an insight into the life of contemporary Pakistani actress and fashion model; Anzela Abbassi.

Having gained a following for the high level of projects under her belt, collaborating with Pakistani sustainable fashion brand Color Coded Crime & Sapphire, Anzela has a rebellious nature that utilises creative collaboration to express her emotions and feelings of her experience. We were excited to find out more about Anzela, her creative process, and her thoughts on life ...

Color Coded Crime: Fall / Winter 2020

Where did your creative journey begin ?

I originally wanted to be a psychologist but I wasn’t the best student to be honest so instead that drove me more towards art, music and theatricals. Although I did continue the quest of learning something new from time to time. My mother was and still is an inspiration to me. She is the strongest, most creative person I’ve ever met. She truly did have a hand in helping me become who I am today.

Color Coded Crime: Fall / Winter 2020

What are the biggest inspirations behind your creative process ?

I'm really inspired by ignorant art, things that stray away from the regular everyday pretty girl norm. My art is mostly inspired by patterns and designs from the 70's grooves to the 90's grunge magazines. My art is also inspired by the energy I get from something or how it impacted me. It could be a picture or a text or generally anything that slightly excites me.

Color Coded Crime: Fall / Winter 2020 (Featuring Javeria Raheel)

What advice do you have for approaching a creative lifestyle ?

Balance I do believe is key. I think scheduling is just as important as finding the time to do the things you're actually passionate about.

Color Coded Crime: Fall / Winter 2020 (Featuring Javeria Raheel)
Mostly when I tend to edit in a bad mood I usually am not satisfied with the pictures, which forces me to come back to it with a more positive attitude and only then I am able to become inspired to think of the right colour tones and aesthetic that I would be going for in that particular piece.

Color Coded Crime: Fall / Winter 2020 (Featuring Javeria Raheel)

Growing up in an acting family, did any early films have an impact on you ?

The only movie I've truly enjoyed since I was a kid was Fantasia. It was probably the most magical Walt Disney movie I had ever watched and some of it still tends to linger in my memory from time to time.

What is life like in Pakistan for those who have not been ?

My favourite thing about Pakistan has to be the food. Every time I travel I look for the same kinds of flavours that I would back home and nothing has compared to the kinds of tastes and textures that Pakistan has to offer.

Sapphire: Winter 2020

How do you feel about the future and the 'balance' you speak of in life ?

2021 has just begun. It's the new age so let's hope it brings new better, much grander inspiration. I’m so inspired by nature because I believe that we are all one with the earth, the waves, the clouds. We belong to it and we shall return to it.

Sapphire: Winter 2020

You can discover more of her work at @xlazyangelx

Photography by @Jaffer Hasan



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