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[Music] An interview with: Nikhil Beats

We speak with London based multi-talented music producer: Nikhil Beats.

With an impressive catalogue of productions for an array of talented musicians in the UK new age scene already under his belt (Finn Foxell and Bawo to name only a few), the East London based producer has consistently maintained the highest standards for his music with every release and keeps moving forward. With every new track a refreshing statement of his skill, he treats audiences to only the finest constructed soundscapes, reflective of his environment as a young creative growing up in the capital of England.

Photography: Ella Niles (@Ella.ShootsFilm)

Now fresh off the release of his recent album '3000 Realms', available to stream everywhere and available to purchase here, we were excited to find out more about the artist's creative processes and ideas behind his work...

Read on below for our interview with Nikhil Beats...

Photography: Serena Brown (@_SerenaBrown)

Tell us about yourself and how you would describe your sound?

Hey, I’m a British Asian man from east London. I mainly make music, food and jokes. My sound is a blend of everything I love from jazz, Hiphop and soul, to Bollywood, grime and indie rock. My sound is just “Nikhil Beats”

Tell us about the concept behind 3000 Realms'?

It started off as something to keep me busy during the lockdown. Then became a project for sharing my philosophy with others. I’m a practising Buddhist and the heart of my philosophy is working for the happiness of oneself and others. I was creating something that was genuine and authentic. Which means spending a lot of time trying to not overthink and just do. A lot of self-work goes into it and then by the time you release an ep, you generally have grown beyond where you were when you wrote it.

What producers/musicians have inspired you?

Quincy Jones, I would love to have a career like his. The diversity of his skill set and the sincerity of his actions are so much greater than just being a musician for entertainment purposes. Creatively and artistically, Kendrick Lamar always inspires me. But this is a hard question coz different things always inspire me at a moment depending on where I’m at. Currently, Sad Night Dynamite and Tems are inspiring me but that could change soon.

What's the best thing about the London music scene?

Its British…There’s something about an artist from your home that will always strike a chord with you coz of the similarities in influence and upbringing.

What are your personal views on Spirituality?

The idea of spirituality and science being separate is wrong in my opinion. We don’t question that gravity exists, but whether you believe it or not, your not floating around the air… similarly, whether you believe in the mystic and divine nature of the universe, things will still keep rolling the way they supposed to. Therefore spirituality is a great teacher to understand the universe, the same way science helps us understand certain things too. I think they’re both fundamental tools to navigate this life and become truly happy right now and enjoy our time here.

Other than music, where else do you find inspiration?

Everything. People and conversations , books, movies, art, food, Religion, nature, architecture, Depression, happiness. Anything. Simply, life.

Does nature inspire you in any way?

Yes definitely. Music is sound. It’s harnessing nature at the end of the day.


Be sure to follow him on Instagram: @nikhil_beats

& Spotify: Nikhil Beats



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