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[Music] An interview with: p-rallel

Fresh off the release of his amazing new project SOUNDBOY, we have a catch up with one of our favourite new age UK producers; p-rallel.

We first discovered p-rallel via the London based new age hip hop collective 'Elevation Meditation' that the talented young producer is a member of. EMP have shaped the face of Hip Hop from West London and are one of the most influential groups of musicians making music that doesn't fit into the mainstream, combining hip hop with energetic grooves.

Eclectic and stylish, they have established themselves as a super force in the 'underground' scene, and p-rallel is one of the main architects behind the production of their sounds. He's also supported UK rapper SlowThai on tour and has worked with some of the scenes biggest names. We spoke to the producer about his recent project and how he's feeling in 2020.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, where did you grow up? Any major inspirations musically ?

21 Year old Producer/Artist/DJ from West London… My Mum used to throw parties and my dad used to DJ at them so I guess that’s how I got into music… Mostly the artists from the 80s/90s are my top inspiration. But if I have to pick one its MJ… and thats not just because of his music but his level of performance is untouchable.  

Your instagram tag is 'Parallel Theory'....Do you feel like we live in the matrix? 

Yup. I'm in my own simulation, that may or may not be linked to other peoples simulation. The Future has already been coded in, just gotta follow it. I also think that I’ve lived every possible outcome in life and now I’m just walking down the last path that hasn’t been touched.  

SOUNDBOY is a big release congrats ! It has a very unique sound, jazzy electronic, feel good. Was it important to you to make an album that made people feel good during the times we've been going through recently ?

2020 is like a reset button… hopefully humans will feel human again after this is all over because of the restrictions in place. This Ep is to make you feel something emotionally. It’s not a ‘Mood’ or a ‘Energy’, its a feeling. I’m not here to make you mosh pit with my music, I’m here to remind you what good music sounds like. This EP was always in the making, COVID or not… 

The project features some of our favourite artists like GreenTea Peng, Lord Apex, Louis Culture, Nayana IZ. How important is the collective movement in the London scene?

Very, were all in the same boat together and there’s nothing like a bag of amazing artists growing together. I’d kill to see what MJ’s and Brandy’s relationship was like… The Alternative London scene is pushed behind the scenes due to this thing we call “Urban Music”… I hate it personally, but its taught me a lot about what the industry can do to music. Us alternative lot know exactly what we want how how to get it so if we do get the light of day, there will be enough training and time put into it where we won’t allow the industry to tamper with our creative flow. Little Simz is a big example of someone who will not let the industry fuck up her goals in life. the more people like this, the more we’ll inspire the next generation to just do whatever they want. 

Elevation Meditation are constantly setting the standards, what's the hope for this year and the future for you guys? Anything you want to tell the people?

I can deffo tell you every member of E/M has or will be dropping a Full Length EP this year… Double the amount of content will be put out, hopefully more parties and we are in the talks of a collab project but no rush.

Listen to P-RALLEL's most recent project SOUNDBOY by clicking here ~

You can also check out P-rallel's BoilerRoom & NTS mixes below ~



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