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[Music] An interview with: Tagua Tagua

Introducing the Brazillian Psychedelic-Pop of Tagua Tagua.

Based in Sao Paulo and formed in 2017, Tagua Tagua is headed by songwriter/producer Felipe Puperi.

His debut album Inteiro Metade dropped in October 2020. A sweet mixture of vibrato wobbles and resounding basslines that expertly captures their influences of funk, soul, bossa, indie and jazz. Fluid melodies are layered over dreamlike timbres - written & recorded by Puperi, mixed by Tiago Abrahao & mastered by Brian Lucey (The Black Keys, Chet Faker).

The project is an accumulation of glistening ethereal indie grooves and supple bops in which Felipe Puperi’s vocals ride airily across the synths.

Read on below for our new interview with Tagua Tagua...

How are you feeling so far in 2022? Any ideas/realisations that you're tapping into? :)

I’m feeling better this year than the last. I guess things are kind of shifting, lots of festivals and tours going on, it makes me feel more confident. Actually, I’m working on a new album too and I intend to release it til the end of the year.

How has Brazil influenced your sound and style? What do you love the most about living there?

I listen to Brazilian music all the time and really impresses me how happy and uplifting Brazilian music can be, even when talks about sad things. I love how passionate people are here, we are some kind warmed, we live intensely. I also like the Carnival time, there is some magic in the air during this period of the year.

Tell us about the concept behind the album 'Inteiro Metade' ?

This album is special to me cause is my first full length. It’s about ending a relationship and the process of finding a new place for the same person in our lives. Sometimes this can be a long journey, and that’s why the album has so different moods. It’s like a rollercoster, it has joy, loneliness, solitude, excitement. Lot’s of feelings mixed.

What movements of music have had the most influence on you?

I love listen to music from late 60’s and 70’s. I’m very influenced by soul music made during this time, brazilian artists like Tim Maia, Jorge Ben, Cassiano, Hyldon and lot’s of american classics like Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Shuggie Otis, Bill Whiters. I also appreciate some psychedelic artists like Mutantes, Jupiter Maça, Pink Floyd and some recent too. I feel my goal is to explore different genres and mix it all creating a new thing.

Outside of music, where else do you tend to find inspiration arises?

Books, specially novels and poetry. I’m very inspired by reading, it helps me a lot to put my thoughts together and imagine new worlds and scenes.

What are your personal views on spirituality?

I see myself as a spiritualized person, I believe in everything that I can’t see, so it gets easier to create from this point. I believe I get an energy from somewhere, something like a call and I just voice it, it's kind of crazy but it makes perfect sense.

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