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[Music/Art] Kingdom Of The Holy Sun (Bonus Demos)

Psychic Garden present two bonus original demos and an experimental music video by psych-rock resident creatives; Kingdom of The Holy Sun.

Incase you missed our featured article on them - you can read it here:

Amazed at how magical these demo projects are, we reached out to Kingdom of the Holy Sun to become our first in-house band to feature on the magazine. It was a no brainer to unearth these two gems from Seattle's (USA) hugely underrated kings of Psych-rock. Light an incense (or something) before this one, and transport yourself back to the 1960's...

We tend to even record all our music with vintage 60's instruments (guitars, bass and organs) which is essential to capturing that sound - Guido Anselmi (Lead singer of Kingdom of the Holy Sun) in conversation with Psychic Garden

The first of these demos is taken from the project Jesus In India (2012) ~

The second is an experimental music video and demo of an early version of our personal favourite 'Sihanouk Trail' (2012) ~

You can discover their entire discography at ~

- Psychic Garden


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