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[Music] FUTURE R&B (Spotify Playlist)

A new Psychic Garden curated playlist, cherry picked for you.

Growing up as 90's kids, we fell in love with the oozing soulful melodies of musicians like D'Angelo and Erykah Badu who pioneered and sculpted a new genre of R&B. As time has gone on, a new generation of artists has emerged to carry the torch for the genre, continuously pushing the levels and style of the music to adapt with modern life and the new emotions of the future. However the major themes remain the same; love, heartbreak, emotional healing, connection to spirituality, intimacy, and youthful wonder. In difficult times, R&B has always been a way for listeners to unwind and find themselves inspired, dancing and singing.

We recently interviewed Jerome Thomas, who features on the playlist...

& we also interviewed FLWR CHYLD, who features on the playlist...

We hope you enjoy the playlist as much as we did making it. Be sure to follow & listen to our FUTURE R&B playlist on Spotify, & let your hair down...



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