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[Photography] Kyle Weeks

Namibian photographer Kyle Weeks is making waves in the fashion photography world changing perspectives on African Masculinity.

Working with big names such as, Raf Simmons x Fred Perry & Gucci x Vogue Italia, as well as photographing artists such as Greentea Peng, he has set himself up for a fruitful career. His work clearly reflects the perspective of the people on African culture, portraying the creativity and evolution of style and mentality in Africa. His flamboyant and ethereal portraits are both stunning and archival of the characteristics of young African men in this millennial era.

Kyle Weeks has said he prefers handing the control to the subject during the shoot, allowing them to express themselves freely and tell their story. It is these principles and this kind of work that is massive for archival work being made in Africa - and everywhere - that being said.

Weeks has been consistently making work in nations such as, Namibia, Ghana and Seirra Leone – but continues to make work across the continent in manifest of making his book ‘Good News’ telling the story of changing perspective across the continent, freedom and expression coming to the fore-front, and ultimately sharing the good news of the people.

Check out a gallery of his photographs below ~

He has spoken of avoiding and breaking down harmful stereotypes that have been formed in the past by white photographers making work in Africa, that often enforced their ideas on the photograph and the portrayal of the subject.

Check out Kyle's full online portfolio:



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