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[Podcast] Dr. Heike Bielek (Sacred Geometry)

Welcome to the fifth episode of our podcast series hosted by American resident creative Brady Williams. Over multiple episodic instalments, he will be engaging in vital conversations with talented artists, entrepreneurs, musicians, scientists and spiritual teachers from across the globe.

Dr Heike Bielek is a visionary scientist turned mystic who has an innovative perspective on sacred geometry and the genesis of the universe. Through her art and science she has formed a hands on way to share the ancient wisdom of flowers of life and platonic solids. Being inspired by and recognising the value of Metaphysics, she set up the project "In 2 Infinity" in 2017.

Heike studied Biotechnology in Germany and received her phD in Biology in 2012. She founded Art-Jams with two of her friends, an online art platform that organises events, art exhibitions with live performances and music. At the same time she worked for Bionorica as a pharmaceutical sales person.

In 2014, she left everything behind to travel the world in search for a deeper meaning to life. Her exploration lead her to many new experiences, such as teaching Yoga and Kite surfing, working as a cook on a prawns boat, documentary filming making, and performing live music, until she discovered the Art of Sacred Geometry. Together with Colin Power, she pioneered a innovative, creative and fun teaching style, that would combine her passion for science, spirituality and art in one all encompassing project. Currently, she lives and spends most of her time in Goa, India and Nepal.

~ Listen to the full Psychic Garden Podcast episode with Dr. Bielek below ~

You can find her work at:



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