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[Podcast] Anayza (Healing, Transformation & the Akashic Records)

This week on the podcast series we drop in with Brooklyn born Anayza, a master in the akashic records and a healer based in Sacred Valley, Peru.

In theosophy and anthroposophy, the Akashic Records is a compendium library of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future. They are believed by theosophists to be encoded in a non-physical plane of energy known as the mental plane.

Anayza has spent time supporting ayahuasca centres with integration and supports people around the world in transmuting trauma into power. In this podcast we explore intuition, the akashic records, and the unveiling of what she believes to be the next paradigm in human consciousness.

Below she shares with us her perspective on the Wound of Intuition:

Living from our intuition is living from vulnerability. Why can it feel so challenging and scary to follow the impulses of our inner voice? What vulnerability, what wound, are we living from when we live from our intuition? Our disconnection from our intuition reflects our loss of awareness of our multidimensional reality...

Living from intuition is living in vulnerability; raw, naked and open. It is within here, and within here is the Cosmos. The other place, a space that breathes this one into form. Vulnerability has the Latin root, “vulnus” meaning “wound”.

There are so many beliefs and conditionings that have been layered over the voice of our inner knowing. Yet, even with these societal conditions, we can still experience ‘a knowing’, receiving inspired thoughts. An inspired thought which feels different to the thoughts and feelings that arise from the enmeshed webs of the analytical mind and pain body. So many times these inspired thoughts are squashed or met with so much resistance. The conditioned filter of societal approval is activated by these soul impulses and for the conditioned self, the filter is a safe haven. It doesn't always feel good inside of our bodies, our nervous system and trained self-consciousness when we follow the status quo. But the familiarity provides a facade of safety that we can curl and hide under, and by following, nothing of our true self is risked.

When we consciously choose to be awake and seen, no longer living through this filter, we sense a loss of structure and safety, and feel the weight of the unknown. At present, we do not live in a society that has structures of safety established from following our hearts. Living from feeling can conjure a sense of lack of security. The more we contribute to this wave and live from the impulses of our heart and soul, the more our collective external structures are paved from this expression of being. But as it is being formed we, the builders and the bridgers, can feel really vulnerable.

We can choose to see this vulnerability as an indication, an arrow that points us towards forward movement, rather than a roadblock.

Take your time to feel the fear, worry, anxiety, uncertainty and overwhelm that rattles your body and quakes your senses. To breathe and be within the moment, allowing yourself to trust that you will get to the other side. What you felt as quakes are making way for an expansion, and the rattles are your emotional body going through an alchemical healing process, to settle into your soulshape ~ another, truer form. 

In my experience, as we expose this wound of trusting ourselves, it gets bigger and bigger asking for more and more air - fatigued from the fester of its own enclosure. It tears itself open even further, feeling the pain of exposure, in order to feel the elements and receive healing. We can acknowledge the pain of our vulnerability without fearing it.

The fear is the mind trying to keep us safe based on the metrics of our current dominant societal structures. But with gentleness, time and practice, we can show our mind that our safety comes from our full and present existence here with the Earth, not through man-made metrics.

The more we open the wound of our intuition to the universe, allowing that conversation to show us what is possible ~ we Heal and Remember.

~ Please enjoy our podcast with Anayza below! (58 minutes) ~



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