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[Music] An interview with: Natty Wylah

We sat down to talk spirituality, inspirations, nature and more with one of the UK's finest rappers, hailing from Kentish Town in London: Natty Wylah.

Having started his musical career as a teenager rapping under the self made label: REVIVAL RECORDS, a young Natty Wylah was raw, inspired and insanely talented, growing up in a brave new world questioning things deeper to search for a meaning beyond the mundane, spilt onto the page.

Now 9 years later he's firmly become one of the most appreciated and original musicians in England's hip-hop scene, gaining a following for his honest and poetical interpretations of life and the political and spiritual landscapes he witnesses around him, not shy to address harsh truths.

Whilst having the ability to raise awareness and consciousness through his music in the same way as the likes of AKALA, Natty Wylah has a deep appreciation for melody and also creates music of calm and tranquil emotions, third eye awakening blended in harmony with flow and peace.

His most recent project BRUCE is a reflection on his identity and perspective of life, a project that speaks from the heart and is fuelled with deep emotion.

Go support and purchase his recent album BRUCE and check out his past projects on his bandcamp page.

Via his link tree you can follow him on all streaming services.

Photography by: Alex Messer



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