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[Music] An interview with: Kingdom Of The Holy Sun

From Seattle, Washington - we have partnered up with Kingdom Of The Holy Sun to bring you cascadian psychedelia straight out of North West America.

Speaking with lead singer Guido Anselmi, heartbeat of the band since it's formation 7 years ago, he described how:

Our music is influenced by 60's garage and Psych, from not only the USA and UK, but also from South America and South East Asia. I grew up around all types of music. My father listened to the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Ravi Shankar, Jimi Hendrix et al. I remember a local golden oldies radio station that played 96 Tears, Wooly Bully, Crimson and Clover, Incense and Peppermint. I was always drawn to the sound of the twangy guitars and compact organ from that era. We tend to even record all our music with vintage 60's instruments (guitars, bass and organs) which is essential to capturing that sound. I am also a big fan of bands like Joy Division and The Cure and try to fit in those influences as well, which can be challenging.

Their last 2 last albums 'At the Gates of Dawn' (2016) and "In the Shadows' (2019) were recorded and mixed by Collin Hegna, formerly of the Brian Jonestown Massacre, at his studio in Portland.

They competed in the Vice Records and Converse recording competition Converse Rubber Tracks, and were chosen as one of the 5 bands who won the opportunity to record with legendary producer Jack Endino at Avast Recording Studio in Seattle; Endino famous for recording Nirvana's 1st album as well as other bands such as Soundgarden and Mudhoney.

It was for us a pretty amazing experience. Two Songs from this Endino session appeared on our EP 'The Man with the Little Hands' released in 2019. We relocated to Germany last year and plan on continuing recording and touring here in Europe.

Originally released in 2012 and remastered for 2020, this experimental music video for the song 'Sihanouk Trail' features archive footage of Indonesian spiritual dance performed to a song lead singer Guido Anselmi describes as "a tale of American military aggression in South East Asia."

The track originally featured on the Thirteen Eyes E.P released in 2014. Over 8 years they've released 10 projects and continue to carry the torch for psychadelic sub culture with their 60's revival hypnotic magical sounds.

They become the first overseas resident creatives to feature on Psychic Garden and we are happy to welcome them to our creative community.

Check out a selection of their songs below ~

Discover their full discography at:



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