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[Spirituality/History] LAOZI (Taoism)

Ancient Chinese founder of Taoism between 4th - 6th century BC.

Many people are familiar with the concept of Yin Yang: the idea that negative and positive forces exist to balance eachother out in a natural order of harmony existing in nature. Dualistic symmetry neccessary to the formation of the complete circle, a structure of unity through the synchronising opposite.


The concept originates from the writings of Chinese mystical figure Laozi written in his book TAO TE CHING sometime around 2,500 years ago. Not much is known about the man behind the book - but legend has it that Laozi (meaning old master) was the personal advisor to the emperor of China, known for his great wisdom and knowledge. Growing tired of city life he ventured to live in uncharted wilderness, writing the book as an instruction from a city guard when passing through the city once more in old age. Other legends describe how he travelled to India and became the teacher of the Bhudda - even going as far as to claim he may have been the Bhudda himself.

The essential teaching in Taoism is that there is an energy that exists within the universe that flows through all things, known as the TAO, and that by achieving synchronicity with the TAO, one is able to achieve harmony in life.

To this day the philosophical and spiritual teachings of Taoism are known throughout the world in contemporary culture and followed by 20 million people world wide as an official faith, as it's proufound wisdom continues to influence generations of new followers each year to the ancient belief.

Chech out a selection of teachings from the TAO TE CHING below -

  • “TAO called TAO is not TAO. Names can name no lasting name. Nameless: The Origin Of Heaven and Earth.”

  • “Something unformed and complete, Before heaven and earth were born, Solitary and silent, Stands alone and unchanging, Pervading all things without limit”

  • “Empty of desire, perceive mystery. Filled with desire, perceive manifestations.”

  • “Recognise beauty and ugliness is born. Recognise good and evil is born. Is and Isn’t produce each other. Hard depends on easy, Long is tested by short, High is determined by low, Sound is harmonized by voice, After is followed by before”

  • “Live in the ancient TAO, Master the existing present.”

  • “Things grow and grow, but each goes back to its root. Going back to the root is stillness. This means returning to what is.”

  • “Those on the way become the way”

  • “Knowing others is intelligent. Knowing yourself is enlightened. Conquering others takes force, Conquering yourself is true strength”

  • “All things originate from being. Being originates from non-being”

  • “There is nothing that cannot be overcome. There is no limit.”

  • “When TAO harmonizes the world, Demons lose their power”

  • “TAO is the mysterious centre of all things”

  • “The most difficult things in the world must be accomplished through the easiest. The greatest things in the world must be accomplished through the smallest”

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