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[Spirituality/Poetry] An interview with: GARLAND

We catch up with world traveller, poet, and kind soul; Garland.

Follow the whispers that repeat themselves in the wind, Allure the soul that expands your being, Journey to the lands that call your name even in the most unusual languages, Walk yourself home to your heart...

How has your environment inspired you ?

My whole life I've really created my own environment for inspiration instead of seeing or feeling it in front of me - unless I was solo travelling among nature’s beauty. I was drawn to the things that weren’t present in my everyday environment. The bedouins, the shamans, medicine people, gypsies, nomads, the original seekers and seers of the world. I would always be drawn to different music, art, poetry and views on life than a lot of people around me. Still to this day it kind of hasn’t changed.

What is your personal relationship with spirituality ?

Honestly I’m not too much of a fan to separate my “spirituality” as a separate pathway externally speaking from myself. I hold truth that we’re naturally a spiritual born being having a human experience. We are frequency, intuition, energy, multidimensional and completely limitless. So I guess you could say in comparison to someone else that’s on a different path of beliefs, my relationship is incredibly strong and without my deep connection for this and for nature.. I wouldn’t know who I am. This is my life and it’s beyond words to describe.

Tell us about your love for the Emerald Tablets ?

Emeralds tablets are an extremely complex text to both read and listen to no matter how many times you go back over it (which is key to reopen the deeper understanding each time). There’s so much hidden layers under the language, which sparks so much life within me and I think it’s relevant now just as much as it was when it was created. It opens up the idea that there is so much more to learn, so much untold mystery and ancient truth still to comprehend. The book gives a wide perception on new and old information about our past, universal and multidimensional law. It is then up to the seeker to integrate the information in order to unlock the unlimited power of the individual being- the dimensions above, below, around us and within. Due to the progression of the “collective awakening” these texts can work as a tool for the masses to unravel and awaken understanding of extreme human potential..

How has travel influenced your outlook ?

Travel is everything for me and has been one of my greatest teachers in life. Whether it’s by a one way plane ride, road trip or heart calling to a new energetic vortex…it changes the game, challenges all the senses of societies structure, expectations, lifestyle and perception of reality every time. I feel that even with the amount of travel I've done, every experience and interaction is unique in its own way and the more I travel the more I grow and reawaken. My favourite part about travelling is every time I’m just grounded enough with “who I am, what I believe, what I think about life”… I’ll go on a trip somewhere new and that illusory grasp on reality, is completely re-questioned. Unlike a lot of other people I've met, I don’t like to be comfortable in routine and familiarity all the time, for travel upholds mystery and transformation in my heart - and I love it.

How much inspiration do you take from nature ?

Nature is the core of my being, my belief, my soul, it is my blood, my bone, my existence and entity that I resonate the most with in all its forms. After losing my parents at a young age I naturally found such a sense of home and belonging/ protection from nature and it’s force. It’s provided me with so much knowledge that I hold deep in my heart and knowing still to this day and I will forever be a student to it.

What does poetry mean to you ?

My words are a bit of a channelling honestly. I don’t usually read a lot of other artists pieces or actively search for external inspiration. They just come to me in the moment. When I’m feeling deeply or going through something it just comes out in a way of me trying to explain what I’m seeing or feeling. If it’s not a channel it’s usually intuitive messages I’m picking up from being alone in nature, sacred lands, vortex’s and sacred sites. Whether it’s with the sun, moon, ocean, forests.. They all speaks to me when I’m in the deepest of silence.


The system of my internal Is identical to the system of all physical surroundings The scales seem different But the truth has never been small nor large The truth is the truth. It runs through the veins of the mountains body the clouds mist It runs through my blood as it does with each unlocked hall of consciousness Nothing is different yet everything is unexplainable It all speaks to you and I in the same language Only if we are ready to detach and finally listen.

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