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ROOTS & RITUAL: A new podcast by TRIPPIN

Introducing a new podcast series from Trippin.

Independent travel platform Trippin have launched a new podcast, Roots & Ritual, hosted by Trippin co-founder Yasmin Shahmir and Neuroaesthetics expert Robyn Landau. You can listen here via Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Throughout the series Yasmin and Robin explore the spirited rituals, lifestyles and practices that connect cultures worldwide alongside local and leading experts - from Shamans and Elders to Practitioner and Scientists. They uncover the origins and delve into the science behind the traditions which have inspired our modern pursuit of physical and spiritual wellbeing.

"I see Roots & Ritual as a gathering around a fire, sharing stories, experiences and wisdom, like our ancestors used to do. I hope this podcast makes the listener feel like they’re travelling the world with us, learning first hand from these enlightened cultures, communities and individuals whatever our background or beliefs” (Yasmin - Trippin Co-founder)

In the conscious travel zeitgeist, Roots & Ritual explores how the elements and principles of these ancient practices have evolved and are being embraced by people around the world today for their healing and therapeutic effects.

“Education is a central theme of our series. That is, to help the listener learn from the cultural origins, and understand what’s happening inside our brains and bodies during these rituals. No matter where you fall on the spiritual-scientific spectrum, there is something in this series for everyone.” (Robyn - Host)

Season 1

Temazcal: Sweat, Song & Spiritual Rebirth

A Temazcal is a sacred Mexican sweat lodge dating back to the 1500s. Yasmin and Robyn speak with Lupita Maldonado, Guardiana of Temazcal Ba'duhiini in Guerrero Mexico, and learn about the spiritual, emotional, physical and social benefits of this ancient practice rooted in Aztecan mythology.

Shinrin Yoku: Japanese Forest Bathing

Shinrin-Yoku is a traditional Japanese practise of immersing oneself in nature. Yasmin and Robyn speak with nature therapist Stefan Batorijs and learn about the ancient Japanese practice of immersing oneself in nature, and how to build spiritual and psychological connections to nature.

Capoeira: Afro Brazilian Dance of Freedom

Capoeira is multi-layered practice. Part-martial art, part-dance, it’s a practice of skill, strategy and storytelling. Yasmin and Robyn speak with Mestre Ponciano on the history of skill, strategy and storytelling of this multi-layered dance, alongside Puma Camille, who is pushing the practice forward through his fusion with Vogue.

The Cosmos: Wisdom in the Stars

The night sky has fascinated humans since the beginning of time, and the cosmos remains one of the universe’s greatest wonders. Yasmin and Robyn speak with science writer Jo Marchant and Astrologer Dayna Lynn Nuckolls, to trace back to the origins of astrology, astronomy, the zodiac, solstices and more, from the ancient babylonians to modern new age practices.

Cannabis: Sacred Flower, Healing Herb

Across wide ranging ancient cultures, Cannabis has been used as a herbal medicine, sustainable fibre, food, and a gateway to spiritual experiences. Yasmin and Robyn trace the origins, from Rastafari “groundings” to its modern rise as a natural remedy.

Death & Dying: Honouring Life Cycles

The cycles of life are one of life’s greatest mysteries. From the Tibetan Book of The Dead, to Shivas, Reincarnation, Mexico’s Dia de los Muertos and many more, beliefs around death and dying are some of our most sacred. Yasmin and Robyn explore cultures and religions offering traditional practices to help individuals prepare for dying, souls to transition from their physical bodies, and loved ones to mourn and re-connect to those lost.

About Trippin

Trippin is powered by a global community of diverse voices that are shaping today’s cultural landscape. It’s an independent platform that connects travel, culture and creativity like never before, collaborating with their community to uncover stories that are found at the intersection of social and cultural boundaries. Combining guides and experiences with audio, film and written word to create an ecosystem that empowers people to travel with more purpose. It’s about championing global creativity, mapping underground scenes, unpicking cultural mosaics and connecting cultures worldwide - all through the eyes of locals.

About Yasmin Shahmir (@itsyasmin)

A natural born creative with a passion for communication, Yasmin expresses herself through many mediums. Thanks to a career in music, travelling became a big part of Yasmin’s story, leading her to co-found Trippin alongside Kesang Ball and Sam Blenkinsopp in 2017. Trippin has since become a leading travel and culture platform focused on amplifying local voices and creating powerful content that inspires its audience to travel more purposefully. Yasmin relocated to Mexico in 2018 and has been involved in various community projects from health and fitness, to music, art and spirituality, pursuing her passion to connect people with things that make them feel good. As a person of dual heritage, Yasmin explores cultural practices with sincerity. Celebrating the diversity of human experience and seeking common threads that unite us all, she sees Roots & Ritual as an opportunity to take listeners on a journey, introducing them to people, places and practices that have much to teach us, if we’re willing to listen.

About Robyn Landau (@robynlandau)

In an exploration of the connected body, co-creator and producer Robyn's work in Neuroaesthetics explores the neuroscience of wellbeing, uncovering how our aesthetic experiences in the world impact our brains and bodies. She seeks to bring greater understanding to the intangible or less visible aspects which shape our wellbeing today, in the belief that with greater understanding, we can have more agency to move through the world with meaning and integrity. By working at the intersection of sound, science, art and technology, Robyn builds practical tools and creative applications to help enhance experiences of the every day and has helped craft Roots & Ritual as a sensory experience to immerse the listener in a journey to uncover more about themselves within the cultural storytelling. Robyn is also the co-founder of Kinda Studios, a female-led creative science studio which uses science to prove the power of art on human connection and wellbeing.

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